Video Day with We Are JAMM

Video Day with We Are JAMM

I don’t think I’ve been this nervous about anything in at least a decade.

Taping a dance video and dancing are two different monsters.

I was rather upset with myself over my nervousness. I’ve never had stage fright like this before. Cameras freak me out. But We Are JAMM Studios are professionals. And they rock. As of Friday the 18th of December, as of the Poise Fiesta de Inauguración, a video version of me as a 35-year-old dancer with fears and insecurities and injuries will forever be preserved on the infinite Internet.

In some ways, it’s like riding a bike. You don’t climb the hills as easily as you used to, you don’t have the same stamina, you’re a little shaky on the curves, but you don’t forget how to do it. Again, I haven’t been this nervous in years, or had so much creative fun, as I did planning this video. It is who I am as a dancer, right now, today during taping – no more, no less. It was revealed to me through this process that being a dancer on stage and teaching dance to others requires an entirely different style of energy, level of energy, and focus. Teaching myself how to do this video was an eye-opening experience. I hope you enjoy it.

(Note: Poise location was still under construction at the time of taping. Check out the photos of the finished product on our website or Facebook or Pinterest pages. Location photos will be available from 18 December 2015 and class photos in the following weeks.)

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