The WHY.

The WHY.

Are there better dancers than me? Yes. Better yogis? Yes. Better English teachers? Yes. Better mothers? Yes. Is there anyone on this planet that is exactly like me? No. And that, right there, is enough reason to do what I do; to enjoy the doing; to keep making connections between my passions and pursuing my pleasures. It is the same answer for each of us. This is what I’ve learned by doing yoga and what I want to transmit in the teaching of it. I chose the word Poise as the name of my business because it, the word itself, reflects these values and the gift that a yoga practice can give each of us – personal balance.

There are no two ways to be in balance that are alike. The search for and finding of and maintenance of balance is as individual as each one of us. That is its beauty. When we calm the unnecessary chatter that often consumes our thoughts and we can sit comfortably with our own divine spark, the universe of possibilities that we each possess expands and blooms.

I’m easily bored by philosophical musings that often quickly turn cheesy. I may have already passed that point here myself. And why is this often the case? It is because all human existence attempts to explain these questions – through the arts, yoga, math, science, religion, gardening, language – and the description always falls short of the experience. But we will keep trying to explain the mystery.

I invite you to join me in these yoga sessions and give it a try. Who knows? You may get your head out of your ass and tighten it at the same time. And don’t forget to smile. You’re beautiful.

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