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Un espacio creativo en torno a la danza, el yoga y el inglés en Pamplona.
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Martha Graham said, “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” I couldn’t agree more.

But Martha Graham had great technique. Dance, especially ballet, is based on a set of postures and movements that allow us to speak a common language of the body in motion. Technique is important to understand how to use this language. I would almost say it is the grammar of dance. The great thing is, though, that once you understand it, you can use the rules or break the rules as you see fit to express yourself in movement in the most amazing ways. This is where the passion lies.

There is no great mystery to dancing. Anyone can dance and we all do at some point in our lives. As simple as that sounds, it has been the most demanding and difficult training I’ve ever recieved in my life – and without a doubt the most fun.


I am not a professional dancer, nor have I ever been, but I had superb training and I am passionate about dance. I cannot tell you what it’s like to dance on stage in NYC, but I grew up dancing on stage in my small Ohio city. I think it is important that my potential students know who I am as a dancer, that I had injuries, that I stopped for a while, that I came back to dance. That is why I’m telling you this upfront.

Dance is pure, absolute joy for me and it has always been my greatest dream to get to share that joy and pass it on to other people.

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