POISE | Abby Crain
Un espacio creativo en torno a la danza, el yoga y el inglés en Pamplona.
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Hello, I’m Abby Crain.

Who I am:

I am Abby McNab Crain, a native of Ohio USA, an English teacher by trade with 12 years of experience, a dancer, a practitioner of yoga.

I have a degree in Theatre from The Ohio State University.

My dance training was primarily at The DeWeese Academy of Dance Arts in Middletown, Ohio, but includes other courses from various locations.

I obtained my yoga-teaching certificate for Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga at Yoga Studio Pamplona.

Having closed the Poise studio, I am now working on designing my best life by moving on with All Things Artistic.

I am as multi-faceted as my degree, as living a bilingual life in a foreign country, as having been the owner and director of two businesses, as having spent a decade working for myself and wearing every hat required, as being a mother. I am a chameleon that enjoys walking a mile in my clients’ shoes, deeply listening to them. I have to learn their energy. It is how I create classes, spaces and content that make their eyes twinkle. It is how I learn and improve. My quest is to live a life of value by offering my core values – Peace of Mind, Authenticity, Freedom, Poise, Kindness – to everything I do and everyone I encounter. The future of sustainable business lies in soul-driven compassion, where having figured out the 84th answer, we can address the other 83 problems in earnest.

Core Values

Peace of Mind – This means wealth to me, for isn’t that the reason we want money in the bank? It also means knowing that I’m doing something that upholds my highest morals and values through my profession. It is self-reliance. It is comfort in your own skin and a calm sense of worth in your center.

Authenticity – This means having the courage to show up for real. All my favorite stories and favorite people have this defining characteristic. They have the courage to show up and be seen as they are. It is the courage to be disliked. (Seriously, read this book. Title: The Courage to Be Disliked)

Freedom – This means financial freedom and creative/time freedom to make work like play. Seriously, who wants drudgery and boredom? That’s a job and we’ve all had those. I’m talking about a vocation/profession/passion/mission (The Ikigai in Japanese) that makes working feel like being the happiest kid on the playground. My version of play may be different from yours and that’s what makes it so wonderful that we’re all different; the world needs all types to go round. But what makes us all the same is the freedom to be you and me.

Poise – This means health and balance and grace, that perfect flow of energy and creativity. Have you ever met someone who is so self-possessed and confident that they radiate humility and friendliness and their eyes just twinkle? Yeah, that’s poise.

Kindness – This means that there is no reason not to be compassionate in everything we say and do and earn and buy, with ourselves, others and the planet. This is the future of sustainable business. To quote Kurt Vonnegut : “Hello babies. Welcome to Earth. … There’s only one rule that I know of, babies-“God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

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